Monday, 19 January 2009

Optimism and Health

One of the reasons that I wanted to become more optimistic is that I felt that it would help me to get out and socialise more. At the moment my social life is pretty good. I'm part of an excellent social club which gives me the oppertunity to meet new people almost every day if I wanted to. I have my Buddhist community which takes up some of my time and has a social side to it too. I'm also trying to make friends with people in the block of flats I live in so I'm mixing with my neighbours.

So far so good. The problem is however that my health isn't cooperating. I have a fairly common stomach condition which often makes me feel tired and lathargic, makes me vulnerable to stomach bugs and has side effects which stop me going out. It's frustrating because I can't be out there as much as I would like and this past week I've had to cancel a few things that I would have otherwise really loved to attend. 

I suppose this is one of the limits of optimism. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak!

On Saturday night I sat at home. I was supposed to be at a big party and had been looking forward to it for a while. My resolution of being optimistic couldn't do much to change the situation, I couldn't positively think myself into having the strength to go out on the town.

What optimism did do was take the edge off. I found myself focusing on what I could do with my unexpectedly unallocated free time and to stave off boredom I played on my Wii. Animal Crossing in case you were wondering. I earnt some serious Bells that night. 

Again I was surprised at the difference that just a little bit of positive thinking could make. It's not like I sat on the sofa with a great big grin on my face enjoying every moment. I just that instead of feeling completely sorry for myself I just sort of shrugged my shoulders and went 'oh well'. I think that it helped me to relax a bit more and all in all I did actually have a pretty good time. 

Next time, optimism and other harsh realities!

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  1. Animal Crossing? is that easier than Mario Kart? I'm hopeless, but enjoy the graphics of the races, especialy when I fall off cliffs, run bang into banks, or get hammered into the road by someone else. I mainly use the board, and that's fun.